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The Rohde & Schwarz technology group develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods. With its extensive product portfolio, the company makes an important contribution to a safer and connected world. In addition to its established business fields, R&S has made substantial investments in future technologies such as artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), 6G, cloud solutions and quantum technology.

Test & Measurement Division

R&S is a market-leading supplier in the mobile and wireless communications sector, offering a comprehensive portfolio of T&M instruments and systems for the development, production and acceptance testing of components and consumer devices. Other important T&M markets include the automotive industry, the aerospace & defense sector, all industrial electronics segments as well as research and education.

Technology Systems Division

R&S bundles technological system expertise and resources in the markets where project business plays an important role. This applies to communications, reconnaissance and security systems for armed forces and security authorities and organizations as well as operators of critical infrastructures. In addition, broadcast & media realizes the entire signal processing chain from camera output to transmission via the various broadcast channels with R&S products.

Networks & Cybersecurity Division

The technology company equips business and public authorities with secure WAN, LAN and WLAN network infrastructures and offers products to protect data transmission, endpoint devices and clouds. With its solutions, R&S protects digital information and business processes of companies and public institutions against the effects of cyberattacks.

During IFATSEA’s General Assembly, SkyRadar and ARTISYS will demonstrate solutions to support ATSEP qualification in compliance with EASA's Easy Access Rules (EU 2017/373).

SkyRadar will present our ATSEP oriented solution for System Monitoring and Control, which enables qualification on major use cases, specified in the Easy Access Rules, including the monitoring of surveillance, communication, navigation, facilities and data processing. The SMC connects to a diverse training hardware including ARTISYS’ ATM system.

SkyRadar’s surveillance training solutions include an in-house training radar and a suitable environment for digital signal processing. Trainees can configure their radar in real time and visualize results in PPI, A-Scopes, Heatmaps and more.

ARTISYS will showcase their ATC / ATM Simulator covering Tower & Radar operations. It builds on a fully operational ATM infrastructure, allowing ATSEP to work on all relevant ATC facilities and applications. The solution incorporates modern requirements of the European SESAR program including virtual towers, SafetyNets, SWIM. It provides the standard reference architecture required by the Easy Access Rules, including processing of navigation and surveillance data, data processing and interoperability based on aviation standards, AIS and many other features. The system is able to combine real life data and simulated inputs. 

The interconnection between ARTISYS’ and SkyRadar’s systems provide a holistic training environment to prepare for today’s ATSEP requirements.




Guntermann & Drunck is renowned as an experienced KVM manufacturer within the ATC industry, providing decades of experience from cooperations with many renowned integrators and ANSPs. When it comes to installing systems in towers, air traffic control rooms, baggage handling or general control centers at airports, G&D provides users from all applications with maximum customer benefits and creates a rock-solid basis for a reliable, future-oriented and fail-safe IT architecture. Having core competencies such as development, product management, sales and after-sales support in house enables Guntermann & Drunck to be at your side – from planning up to support.


Indra has set an ambitious goal to boost digitalization through different projects such as the development of a solution that will transform Air Traffic Management by optimizing traffic flow, the provision of services in the cloud, and the management of airports from remote locations with remote tower solutions. Furthermore, Indra has recently engaged in a project to deploy a constellation of low-orbit satellites to provide CNS services for oceanic and remote locations.

Indra is one of the leading companies in SESAR program and only technological partner of the ITEC Alliance, aimed to develop the Single European Sky initiative.

Jotron develops and manufactures ground to air communication products and systems and offers a complete range of radio communication equipment, from complex integrated systems to stand-alone radio solutions for applications worldwide.

Ricochet, a Jotron synchronized recording and replay system was designed specifically for the ATC, navigation and surveillance markets. Ricochet captures, replays and analysis data. This flexible system supplies the best unified recording, ensuring perfect synchronization of audio, radar, screens and closed-circuit television.

The Jotron Remote Radio Controller is cost effective, flexible and accommodates small and medium size airports, emergency systems, last resort solutions, portable shelters, ports and towers.

Thales is the world leader in air mobility solutions – an impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world take off and land with their help.

With half a century’s experience in development and deployment, Thales uses its unrivalled worldwide base, advanced technology and ground-breaking innovations to deliver solutions that are continually adapted to the ever-changing needs of aviation systems.

Thales offers integrated gate-to-gate solutions, from pre-flight to landing, ensuring airport safety, efficient traffic handling operations, data sharing on aircraft, and seamless handover operations between territories.

Key ATM decision-makers across 180 nations trust Thales to help them master complexity and make timely decisions for better outcomes.

Thales delivers efficient and innovative products and services, for better decisions and better results. Learn more about Thales Aerospace at space.

















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