Welcome Note

The Czech Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association in Czech Republic, CZATSEA, is very pleased to welcome the Member Associations of the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations, IFATSEA to meet for the 50th IFATSEA General Assembly in Prague.

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic, located in hearth of Europe, best known for its culture, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest, as well as its many cafes, clubs, bars, and busy nightlife. And also for its beer culture.

This important international event sponsored by ANS CZ, CZATSEA, will be held at the Conference Hotel Vienna House Andel’s Prague, Czech Republic and will be held from 26–30 September 2022. It is expected to attract 150 senior industry professionals, regulators, suppliers and member associations from around the world.

The meeting will address key issues such as: Air Traffic Management framework, ATM efficiency, ATSEP training, ATSEP competency, ATSEP license, ATM/CNS standards, ICAO Standards, new technologies, interoperability, accidents investigation, human factors, SMS, SESAR, NextGen, SES, FAB, Safety Regulations, etc.

We hope that after two years without personal friends contact, we can anticipate an exciting and enjoyable meeting and look forward to welcoming you in Prague this year!


Before You Go

Information for participants you can see here.



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